Add option for a horizontal scroll bar

  • Or add one automatically, especially when zoomed in. I would still like the option to force it to always be there so that if the automation does not work, I can force it on. E.g.: On these forum pages, when posting a new topic, since my eyesight is not the best, I zoom in on the Captcha to see it better, but then half the page is unavailable because I can't scroll right.

  • If you zoom in excessively, it should show. Otherwise, it probably doesn't show the possibility to zoom because the browser automatically switches a site to mobile version. The only way to bypass that as of now would probably be to input CSS settings in the "Inspect Element".

  • I'm not sure I understand what it "should show" if I zoom in a lot. And what is "excessively"? We are limited to 300% (or so it seems).
    In any case, I think you misunderstand my comment. I don't have a problem with the zoom. I have a problem with not having an horizontal scroll bar. I only talked about the zoom to give an easy example of where/when an horizontal scroll bar would be useful.


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