Problems with LastPass extension

  • There are all kinds of little glitches with LastPass. I'm not sure if it would require them to address some of these, or it surfaces problems in Vivaldi. One of the most crippling ones is that every temporary page that LastPass creates does not show up in Vivaldi (URL of the kind "chrome-extension://hdoasdnpimakeddlcesdfasgephd/tabDialog.html?dialog=site"). Since LastPass is a necessity for me, it stops me from using it full time. Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 () (32-bit) Revision 575538bc320e213510be1e66f3521382e615129d OS Windows Blink 537.36 (@575538bc320e213510be1e66f3521382e615129d) JavaScript V8 4.9.385.33 Flash 21,0,0,182

  • Moderator

    That is a known bug and will be fixed in next Vivaldi Snapshot.


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