Vivaldi Should be Free/Libre Software!

  • Vivaldi should be 100% Free/Libre software. The freedom of the users is of the utmost importance. Not only will it make the Free Software community and niche happy, (, it will lead to more GNU/Linux distributions making it easy to install, and it will help Vivaldi become better and more widely used. It'll create a real community! (Note that a great amount of power users care about "open-ness" or freedom!) Firefox (Netscape) would've never reached the height it's at now if it wasn't Free Software, as it being Free Software boosted it's adoption greatly, and the same is possible for Vivaldi!

  • Signed.

    Will also make it easier for porting to other systems (I want my native Vivaldi on BSD after all 😉 ).

    Wonder what prohibits this as of now. Was it decided just to "stay ahead of the competition" or is there some code bundled that wouldn't be compatible with restrictive licenses such as the GPLv3? Or even fully free ones such as BSD?


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