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  • Decided to try Vivaldi and for the last hour, I have been trying to figure out if it's possible to download YouTube (and other) videos in the browser the way I can with Firefox. Starting to think the answer is no unless you're on a PC. Is anyone able to download videos from the Mac browser and if so, how do you do it?

  • I just started down the same path you outlined. What I discovered as you probably did is that Google owns YouTube. Vivaldi is based off of Chrome & the Google repository won't allow a YouTube Video Downloader. Now if there was a different repository for Extension or plugin the story could be different.
    So I started looking and found this tidbit that would be needed to know if you found a plugin from somewhere other than Google. Locking down a site to protect users from malicious plugin is a good idea. But then it gives them the power block things that people want that they don't want. Humm why does this seem familiar in another way. We need to Protect You, but No you can't have that anymore since we are protecting you… That is just a structure that is so familiar... Oh I've notice Apple doing that same thing with their play ground. They won't allow any apps in iOS that will log Wifi Hotspots, like in War Walking, or Driving, Tsk Tsk Freedom and Security such a quandary!

    Alas I am still wandering the web looking for a plugin like VideoDownLoad Helper for this

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    I don't download YouTube videos particularly often, so there is likely a simpler, more specialized solution, but when I want to download videos from a particular web site I use a dedicated download manager program (in my case: JDownloader). I primarily use that program to download shows and documentaries from the web sites of TV stations, but it also works with YouTube videos.

    You just copy the URL of the web page to the clipboard, and the program then figures out the various kinds of media that you can download from there.

  • try this online youtube downloader, safe and easy....


  • I am a great fan of this "Youtube video downloader" - , Google removed it from their webstore and I had to switch to Firefox to use it. If Vivaldi can support non-chrome store extensions it could gain many users like me.

    Also, the "drag-n-drop" trick shared above stopped working a long ago.

  • You can this freeware I use for YouTube video download. Here's a tutorial on how to download from YouTube: Recipe Video Download from YouTube You can follow the step by step guide to download your videos.

  • If you don't like download any software, you can try Free MP3 Finder. It's online music service. In here, you can download videos from YouTube, Archive, etc. Also, you can convert videos to MP3 in high quality with no any ads & virus & registration. The AnyMusic is its client version.

  • @SharleenTowse said in YouTube video downloader:

    convert videos to MP3 in high quality

    It's not every day that you read mp3 and high quality in the same sentence. Kudos!

    with no any ads & virus & registration

    Sounds trustworthy!

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