Why are so many settings missing or "hidden" in vivaldi://chrome URLs?

  • Why are so many settings missing or "hidden" in [b]vivaldi://chrome[/b] URLs? Wasn't this browser supposed to be aimed at more advanced users? One of the things that I loved about old Opera is that it gave me settings for [i]everything[/i]. Preferred locale, script execution policies, history keeping policies, form saving, password saving, etc. I could turn everything ON or OFF, could tweak everything, right via the Preferences UI. One of the many things I hate about Chrome and Chrome-clones is that they treat their average use as being some sort of sea cucumber that would implode if their preferences UI had more than a couple of settings, so they take everything away from there. Firefox also does it to some degree, hiding away many of their settings in about:config, but they at least present [url=http://kb.mozillazine.org/About:config_entries]documentation for those[/url]. So what's the goal with Vivaldi? Are settings thought as being more "advanced" going to stay hidden away from the common users? And if so, can we at least get some decent documentation for them? And what's the guideline for what's going to be considered an "advanced setting"? Right now even basic stuff like disabling automatic execution of plugins or scripts is hidden, and I can't even find options to disable form history or password saving.

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