Many vertical tabs and scrolling to swtich tabs stops working

  • Once the number of tabs means that there is a vertical scrollbar in the tab area (left or right side), using the scroll wheel to switch tabs stops working. It seems the scrollable area for tabs takes precedence over switching tabs. I think this behaviour should be reversed if scroll wheel switching is enabled - if you've turned on tab switching via scroll wheel, this is almost certainly what you intend when using the wheel in the tab area. So tabs should still switch, and then the area should scroll (if required) to bring the newly activated tab into view. To scroll without switching would only be via the scrollbar. This would be most noticeable when moving from the bottom-most tab 'down' one to the top most tab or vice versa. The tab area would need to scroll all the way up or down at this point.

  • I agree. The way dsl101 suggests it is also the way it works with the mouse gesture suit extension for firefox with tree style tabs which gives you vertical tabs.

    Just to clarify: Right now, once the amount of tabs becomes so great that the scroll bar appears in the tabs-panel, the scroll to cycle tabs is deactivated and it just reverts to standard scrolling. Instead, scrolling should keep cycling tabs, and the scroll bar should follow so the active tab is always visible. Holding right-click and scroll to cycle still works, but the scroll bar doesn't follow the active tab, so you can have a tab active that is hidden and you have to manually scroll to find it.

  • Hate to bump an old thread but it was the only one I found relevant to my problem. I tend to collect a lot of tabs and scrolling over them is to ingrained in my muscle memory to get over it easily.

    Anyone found any solutions to this ?

  • @gogusrl It seems the vivaldi team are busy with other things. I just persevered after switching from TST, but I almost always have more tabs than window height, so I'm simply used to scroll and click now.

    To be honest, they way V would activate hibernated tabs rather than skip over them makes scroll to select such pain that I'm glad they didn't just change it without making 'skip hibernated' an option first.

    With V being such a power-user focussed browser, I personally think all of that functionality (scroll to switch tab / scroll tab list, with a modifier key (alt / ctrl, etc) to 'invert' the default behaviour), an option to skip or activate hibernated tabs, etc. should be how V approaches these things. By all means put sensible defaults in, but don't try to decide what the user should be doing. That's what drove me away from Chrome in the first place. It's better here, but only marginally at the moment...

  • I am using Tab Kit - Mouse Gestures in Firefox

    I realize that the function "Switch Tabs by Scrolling" in Vivaldi does not work if the tab bar is on left and there are too many tabs (more than window height)

    I really want to be able to switch tabs by scrolling even when I got many tabs.
    Although I have no idea how to deal with scrolling.

    What I have in FF is a scrollbar (quite thick compared to native one from MacOS)
    0_1486970569606_Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 3.21.58 PM.png


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