VIVALDIA - on windows 8 - Drive runs at 100%

  • i have tested Vivaldia on javascript heavy websites and this browser kicks all others BUTTS !!! it processes the pages much faster than them all ( I have tested opera / chrome / edge/ IE ).... AWSOME JOB... BUT !!!!!!! I have Vivaldia running on my windows 8 64bit box. Multiple tabs at the same time. Anytime I have the browser open it pegs the drive resources at 100%. I have tested it multiple times and watched my pc with and without it running and Vivaldi is the problem. Even if i close the browser it seems the process does not exit all the way and I have to open the task manager to kill the task. As soon as i do the the drive process goes back down to about 5 to 3% Please fix this. What are you doing on my computer ? Scanning my hard drive? This is insane....

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    Please try Latest Snapshot 1.1.443.3 x64 or x86 from

  • Try upgrading to Windows 8.1
    Your problem is a typical bug of Windows 8.


  • Sorry that is not true… I have confirmed this bug on 2 different flavors of windows 10 as well.....

    So its the Vivaldia browser

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    Windows 8 ist not Windows 10! You are on the wrong thread 😉


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