Image map bug with XHTML

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    Vivaldi suffers a bad issue from Chromium code. [b]Problem[/b] If you have a website using XHTML 1.0 with Imagemaps, Vivaldi, Opera Stable, Opera Developer, Chrome and Chromium don't display the image but not the linked areas. That means such XHTML code (a example, not real!) will not display correctly: [code]

    <div><map id="mappy"><area alt="test123" href="goto.php?to=test123" shape="poly" coords="276, 232, 340, 222, 341, 229, 321"> </map> </div>

    [/code] [b]Testing[/b] Shows links in areas with: Opera 12, Firefox 49, IE 11, Edge. Fails: Vivaldi 1.0 Final, Vivaldi 1.1 Snapshot, Opera 36 Stable, Opera 38 DEV, Chrome 50, Chromium 51. See test page: [b]Bugreports[/b] The Vivaldi bug was reported by a user as "Cannot click hyperlink, but can on IE" and is now confirmed as VB-15973 "Cannot open hyperlink of image map". Thanks! 🙂 I reported back to Chromium in


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