Cannot install Vivaldi on Windows 7

  • Hi all! i really want to start to navigate with Vivaldi but i am facing a problem: i downloaded the latest version for Windows 7 64b, but when i tried to install it the exe file do nothing. At the beginning i thought it was because i was not with the administrator user, but i tried with the admin too and the issue still persist. how can i solve it?. My SO is a windows 7 (SP1) professional edition of 64b. Thank you all 🙂

  • @Sukundun:

    … but when i tried to install it the exe file do nothing. ...

    Welcome to the forum Sukundun!

    If there is no reaction at all, it looks like a broken download. Has your file exactly the same size like the download window indicated? The Windows 64bit version has 42.68 MB. If you got stuck with the 64 bit version, you can try the 32 bit version as an alternative.

  • Thank you very much RJules! 🙂

    The size seems correct (see attached img). I also tried with the 32b exe and the issue is the same 😞 .

  • Moderator

    Perhaps you have security software that blocks it.

  • Moderator

    You can check the Digital Signature of the file. Open Property of the file with Alt Enter, select the register Digital Signature, Vivaldi technologies it the Signer.

    May be Windows 7 blocks because you downloaded from Internet. But it shoudl warn you.

    I think some Security software on your system block the installing.


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