Help finding my email address

  • Roundcube email setup is a bit confusing. It would help if the user registration for Vivaldi accounts automatically tells members what their email address is. For example "account name" Many people who are not comfortable on computers would not know this. Also setting up an email identity is confusing when you don't know what your email address is. Could there be a help page to show new members how to set up their email accounts?

  • Moderator

    I think your mail address is```

  • But how are we supposed to know?

  • Meanwhile you get an automatic access to webmail when you click on the mail link the top of the bar, but it works only for the old version of webmail. New user can see their mail adresses there ( but it works not always and it did not work for some months)

    Some months ago it worked also with the new webmail, now you have to enter it manually there.

    New users which are unaware that the nickname automatic is the mail address, will not known what their email address are
    when forwarding to webmail through both links is not working,.


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