Search field needs a little more love

  • Hi I'm using Vivaldi for a few days now it's good. Now I want to give back a little love: • search window needs 'Paste and Search' A lot of times I do a 'copy of text' somewhere in OS/other app and then want to paste and search it. Old Opera had this option and it saved me at least 2 seconds per search. Now you need to open a new tab, paste it and press enter... a lot of work for a really simple thing. Add: Paste & Search command to the Context menu. • search window needs a setting where starting a search will open it in a new tab 99.999% of the times you would already have a window opened (probably with useful info) and you would just want to start search in a new tab. Add: start search in new tab to settings/Search. Maybe you could start a search in current tab if text was pasted to address and in a new tab if text was pasted into search window. • Address bar should be allowed other windows (similar to search, a find in page could be added,...). Br Waldemar


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