How can I clear site dependent settings ? The "Clear browsing data" doesn't clear clean.

  • When I visit a site (not Private/Incognito Window) and hit [Ctrl]-[+] to scale it. Later when I re-visit the same site, the scaler setting is still take effect. Good, it must be designed as such. Then how can I clear such settings ? I tried "Clear browsing data" but it didn't clear the settings.

  • ~~Your's is indeed a good question.

    The zoom level of is still a data about a website and hence shouldn't be stored, anyway I can't reproduce what are you experiencing.

    What vivaldi version are you using?~~

    Nevermind, I missed the "not" inside the brackets, so I got wrongly your message.

    Back to your original question, yes an option to reset them would be nice, it will likely come while Vivaldi evolves.

  • You should be either able to reset it to 100% if you are on that page by Ctrl+* or pressing the reset button in the status bar if the page is zoomed. If that does not help or if you want to clear up multiple stored values:

    The fastest way for keyboard junkies, type:
    in the address bar and hit enter. Yes, you have to type chrome:// not vivaldi://

    Alternatively you can

    • click on the site badge (the globe or the security badge on the left side of the URL input field) of any open page
    • click the "Site settings" link in the popup
    • scroll down to "zoom levels" or any of the settings you want to manage in the dialog
    • click on "manage"

    I hope that is what you were looking for.

  • Thanks, The_Solutor and QuHno. QuHno's workaround is fine, I will use it now.
    However, I prefer The_Solutor's approach.

    Actually, not only the zoom setting but also the print settings that vivaldi will remember the color and background options etc. Unfortunately, I don't know which item I should choose in the site settings manage dialog.


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