1st Window opens only after maximize

  • Hello Im using Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 32 bit at the moment. OS: Windows 10 actual Patch Status Ive a strange behavior. Vivaldi is me Default Browser. When Vivladi is closed and I open a Link I can see in the Taskbar that Vivaldi is opened, and the Preview Window is also show with the right content. But to see the Browser on the desktop Ive to go to the preview Window and select maximize. The the Browserwindow will open in Full screen. When I click the Icon to customize the size of the Window, then the Window disapears again. I can open a second Browser Window (not Tab) there everything is ok. It will be displayed on the Desktop and I can customize the size without Problem. But the first Window has still to be open. When I close the first Window Ive the same behaviours on the second Windows Customize size -> Disapear ... Does anyone have an Idea how to fix this issue? I know that this is a client related Problem, cause on my second Laptop this problem does not occure. Kind Regards Alith

  • I was experiencing the same issue, the only "fix" I found was to use Windows' Snap Assist to bring the browser window to the forefront alongside another open window, trying to snap it by itself didn't work.

    Snap something like Edge, Explorer, or another random app then snap Vivaldi next to it. After that you should be able to maximize then close Vivaldi and the issue is gone.


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