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    First of all, thank you for releasing a browser with features! I was loosing hope that a browser would still exist 10 years from now where I can still customize stuff and has awesome features that should be there in the first place. It’s depressing to see how Firefox is loosing more and more functions and Chrome, well, it’s Chrome, it never had any features in the first place. Vivaldi is now my main browser since launch and it is everything I needed. It has the speed of the Chrome engine and the functions Firefox had or should have. Offcourse, after using it for a while I noticed some things I kind of would like to see in the future and they are: Tabs: [ol] [li]Option to close tabs to the left/right[/li] [li]Option to reload tabs to the left/right/reload all tabs[/li] [li]Option to reload a tab automatically at certain intervals[/li] [li]Option for when I close a tab, open the next tab before or after it (this is the most important for me, see *)[/li] [/ol] [i]I played with the tabs options but it seems this feature is missing. The only option I can use right now is that when I close a tab, the browser than automatically selects my previous tab. Probably a handy default option but I tend to open a lot of news related tabs at once and then close them 1 by 1 (after reading). Now I either have to scroll from left to right and then go from there or click the tab I want, close it, get back to my original tab, select the tab I want to read next etc.[/i] Bugs I noticed: [ol] [li]Lastpass doesnt work properly yet. Login in works/works not/takes a long time[/li] [li]Xmarks doesnt work at all.[/li] [li]Vivaldi steals focus from time to time, bad boy![/li] [/ol] Standouts: I love tab stacking! I also love splitting windows side by side. The latter I could do in Firefox with a addon and the latter is impossible to do in Chrome so it’s awesome to see this in the browsers by default! I do would like to see the ability where, if I split multiple tabs in windows, that I can also resize the layout. Currently it’s a fixed size. That’s about it for me! Thanks for reading. Edit: I forgot to add a few important bugs. Somehow the Chrome flash doesnt work for me. I had to install the normal flash for it to work. This also means I got a bug I also see in Firefox. When I watch a flash/html5 video and I leave fullscreen, the video window doesnt close correctly. I can see my desktop again but the browser UI is a image of the video/graphically bugged stuck to the browser window so I have to close the browser for the UI to get back to normal again. I looked into the flash issue before with Google and I could see 2 flash players as was mentioned elsewhere. Vivaldi did find the normal flash and the Chrome Flash in the extensions page. I disabled the normal flash version but then I got the error the plugin couldnt load. I hope this kan be fixed in the future. Oh, and implement a syncing feature!

  • @Sojiro84:


    • Lastpass doesnt work properly yet. Login in works/works not/takes a long time
    • Xmarks doesnt work at all.
    • Vivaldi steals focus from time to time, bad boy!

    Yeah, Vivaldi will steal focus, it's a bad behavior.

  • @Coconut888:

    Yeah, Vivaldi will steal focus, it's a bad behavior.

    Otherwise known as a "bug".

    Take comfort that it is known and being worked on, so keep an eye open for updates.

  • I'm having the same issues with XMarks and LastPass. Also I added this extension: IP Address and Domain Information 3.35. It didn't crash, but it can't see the URL so it only displays this:

    Could not get the information, possible invalid url. Perhaps you are on a blank or chrome:// page?

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