Bookmarks - bit of a let down

  • Downloaded this morning and been playing around - nice browser with some nice features as long as the websites you are using implement a responsive design BUT I think its been mentioned already but the bookmark functionality is absolutely appalling and lets the whole browser down so I won't be using it for now until this is sorted or recommending it to anyone - I have a programmer\developer background and this browser would be ideal for someone like me but the bookmark functionality or lack of needs to be addressed asap above anything else

  • Maybe you just don't know how to use them?

    I don't have any major issues with bookmarks. They imported OK from Opera 12.17, and are easy enough to organise with sort or drag and drop.

    There's some bugs and some improvements needed, of course, as this is version 1.0 of the browser, but the basic functions are already there: nicknames, address bar drop down, speed dial, manager, etc.

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    And what is not working for you?
    I use 1.1.443.3 and it is almost usable.

  • Using build 1.0.435.42

    What I would expect to work is and I believe isn't yet implemented;

    Drag and drop tab onto the bookmark bar
    Drag and drop tab onto the book mark side panel

    What doesn't work and look like it should;

    Adding a new bookmark from the bookmark panel. Right mouse click "New bookmark" and enter a title\address - there is no obvious Save\Cancel button and hitting return doesn't seem to save anything - bookmark shows a "New Bookmark" entry which then disappears

    When I try to add the same web site using the Add Bookmark" from the right of the URL address - seem to do nothing although the icon changes from a black icon to a green filled icon which I assume indicates its a bookmarked site but doesn't appear in the Bookmarks side panel

    But to reiterate I think this is a really nice browser with some really neat ideas - if the bookmarks were sorted I would use this as my day to day browser as most sites are now responsive by design


  • Just noticed there is a later build 1.1.443.3 so downloaded and my previous comments\feedback stand - bookmarking still not working too well

    It seems if you close\reopen the browser the bookmarks are refreshed\updated

    So if I go to edit an existing bookmark you need to hover over the thumbnail and refresh to force the other details such as title\nickname to be saved which cant be correct?

  • Just joined the forum. When I heard about Vivaldi's formal 1.0 release, I downloaded it and spent considerable hours getting to know it. I loved Opera 12, and moved to Firefox only a couple of years ago after Opera 15. Users have different needs obviously, and for me, the No.1 thing in a browser is bookmarks and their management. I'm posting my feedback on this thread – I hope it's not seen as thread jacking, but I noticed the influx of new posters with threads of only a few posts, a lot of them repetitive topics, and this thread is about bookmarks. The list below is mostly observations/feature requests, with only one outright bug, I think (I'll file a separate Bug Report for that).

    1. Creating a Bookmark — The Add Bookmark dialog dropdown menu needs to show a full tree structure to allow you to save the bookmark in the correct place, not a long list of folders – or you should implement the FF system of a default "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder where all bookmarks are initially saved and the user can sort them later.
    2. Creating a Bookmark — The Add Bookmark dialog needs to remember which folder you saved your last bookmark in between sessions, and offer that as the default first choice – or as stated above, use an "Unsorted Bookmarks" mechanism as the default save location. At the moment, it seems to remember the last save location during a browsing session, but the next time you fire up Vivaldi and bookmark something, it's no longer offered as the default save location.
    3. Bookmarks Manager — As a general point, the search is still slow and the database feels underpowered for people who have thousands of bookmarks like I do (I have 14,800 bookmarks imported from my main browser, Firefox).
    4. Bookmarks Manager — Column widths need to be adjustable and editable/deletable – I personally never use nicknames or descriptions. Also, other headings should be addable to suit the user's requirements, e.g. a "Date Bookmark Added" or "Date Last Visited" column.
    5. Bookmarks Manager — The search function needs to show the folder where a bookmark is located, similar to the FF add-on "Go Parent Folder".
    6. Bookmarks Manager — One should be able to edit/rename bookmarks in the main Bookmarks Manager pane using normal Windows commands [e.g. F2/Delete button/Shift button/arrow keys], rather than having to use the RHS panel and mouse cursor exclusively, since moving the cursor around can be time consuming.
    7. Bookmarks Manager — The drag & drop functionality of the Bookmarks Manager is 'upside down', i.e. if you drag a bookmark into a folder, it appears at the top of the list of existing bookmarks, not at the bottom, and this is counter-intuitive. Likewise, delete a bookmark and it appears at the top of the list of Trash bookmarks, not at the bottom – again, counterintuitive.
    8. Bookmarks Manager — The editing pane should be moved from the RHS to the bottom of the screen – when writing bookmark names/URLs/descriptions they need lateral space if they are long, so why squeeze the text fields into such a narrow pane and leave wasted screen real estate at the bottom of the existing pane, when moving the entire editor pane to the bottom [a la Firefox] would be more efficient?
    9. Bookmarks Manager — When one edits a bookmark in the RHS pane, changes should be saved simply by clicking the cursor away – at the moment it requires a <return>for changes to take effect, which is inefficient for those who are not heavy keyboard users.
    10. Bookmarks Manager [BUG] — From the Bookmarks Manager, the function to open an existing bookmark in a new window is not working – right-click on a bookmark and choose that option, and nothing happens (opening bookmarks in a new tab is working okay).
    11. There needs to be a functionality to add Separators between bookmarks in the Bookmarks Manager, Bookmarks Panel, between Bookmarks Toolbar icons, and between Web Panel buttons
    12. The Bookmarks Toolbar should be movable to the top, the left, the right, above the Tab Bar etc. – i.e. much more configurable than now.
    13. Bookmarks Panel — If one is editing a bookmark in the LHS Bookmarks Panel, there needs to be a "x" in the corner to close the panel – at the moment, the only way to close it is to press <escape>, which is again a nuisance for non-keyboard users.</escape></return>


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