New tab default background request

  • excuse me, it would increase my usability of the browser linux/windows to modify new tab. you can set it to run in the background, can i bump it to the top of the selection menu?

  • It is not possible to modify the menu at the moment.
    However, there are alternative ways to open tabs in background:-
    MouseGesture(Down, Up)
    Ctrl + Click

  • thanks. i do not find mouse gestures useful. the ctrl + click is even more convenient. my fault, i did not find it listed in the shortcuts.

  • it's all cool, but I can't use default mouse gestures in Vivaldi because it doesn't have: Next Tab, Previous Tab - option, such a obvious options and not exist in Vivaldi, I hope they can do it in next release, I'm checking it every day.

  • it doesn't have: Next Tab, Previous Tab

    If you go to Tools/Settings/Tabs
    Under Tab Features/Tab Cycling there is an option "Switch Tabs by Scrolling"

    Would this provide what you want ? (using Scroll not a gesture).

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