Save As when attempting to download something doesn't prompt a window

  • If this is just as simple a fix that I need to do, I'd appreciate it. In short, when I try to download something and on the download box, I click "Save As..." it does not prompt the location of where I want to save it to. It just downloads it and treats "Save As..." as the "Save" button. Is it Vivaldi thing or is it something I can fix?

  • You can go to chrome://settings/search#c. There you find 'Downloads' and a download location. Tick the option 'Ask where to save each file before downloading'.

  • Huh. Nice work around (and I forgot about) even though it also makes the "Save" also prompt up, but I mean at least its a fix. Just wish I could get both to work where proper, you know?

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    The setting is within the Vivaldi settings page, to either "always save files to download location" or not. If you uncheck it, it will always ask you, which will allow you to save it anywhere. Also, there is a blank there to enter your preferred download location and it should usually offer that location first tho, if I recall, any uploads or downloads during a session will thereafter cause it to offer the last folder you used.

  • Of course your wish is understandable. Unfortunately we have to live with software as it is. At least Vivaldi has proven time and again its ability to improve! 🙂 Kudos to the developers!

  • Problem is this started with a new install of Vivaldi after wanting to start fresh with the 1.0 launch. It was unchecked, but it doesn't matter. "Save As…" worked exactly the same as "Save" which was use the default location to save. Using the chrome flag method though would at least allow it to ask me, but it will do so for both "Save As..." and "Save" which works for now, but I liked being able to download something before that I could click save and it saved to the default folder, and clicking "Save As..." on the download prompt went to the window asking me where to save.

    As I was making a gif to show you what I'm talking about using a test download file site, it seems it worked as normal... for zip files. Going to Google Music and downloading for mp3, it seems both want to use the "save" method and only changing when I used the google flag method to allow prompting for the save location.


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