My small opinion and some bugs

  • I'm using Vivaldi for two days now and I think that it's able to become great browser, looks nice, it's fast and have a lot of interesting features. 🙂 Performance is (maybe) sightly better than Chrome, at least for me* it's around 5-10% more fps on benchmark below (750 dots, GSAP, GPU forced on in both browsers). - * I said "for me" because my friend had the opposite effect. :huh: So far, I noticed some bugs: - CTRL + C and CTRL + V sometimes doesn't work, especially on Facebook. - Sometimes (yes, Facebook again) inputs doesn't show text cursor inside, i don't know when input is selected, and where cursor is, furthermore when the invisible text cursor isn't at the end of input (at start or in a middle), then after every typed character cursor will move to end of input. - This is very weird and irritating bug. ([b]Edit:[/b] It fixing itself when change active tab and back) - In Windows 10, Vivaldi is recognized as browser, is on list when i want select as a default browser, but when selecting Vivaldi it shows that is none selected and links still opens on previous browser and both browsers thinks that they are not default. Now I cant even set previous browser as default, weird. (Attachment 1 & 2) (Maybe it's Windows fault, idk, but this occurs after I installed Vivaldi so I decided to mention.) - ([b]Edit[/b]) Browser doesn't ask for confirmation when closing tab or window. (window.onbeforeunload) I also have a few (maybe) bugs: - Please add any loading indicator or info when browser is trying to connect to a website. If server wait with response it looks like nothing happen, i press ENTER and... nothing, no info, no loading, only after few seconds wait, page will start load or will be displayed info that couldn't load a page because of no response. - Also info when extension blocked a website will be necessary. When extension is blocking a website it looks like nothing happen, just like in suggestion above but with no any info that site is blocked or it can't be loaded. Now suggestions time: - [strike]Shortcut for open download panel will be handy (maybe CTRL + J like chrome), I can't find that in options. (maybe I'm blind)[/strike] ([b]Edit:[/b] ok, I'm blind xD) - Also extensions icons on top right, will be good if I can change their order on my own. - Most important is synchronization, with Google account should be best but your own will be fine. I know that you know this, I guess you've heard this a lot of times, but even if I want to remind and I hope you don't forget about [u]extension data[/u] synchronization. 🙂 It's enough I think (just for now), when I find more bugs or have more suggestion then I'll probably write about this. 🙂 I'll give you a credit of trust, I'll be using Vivaldi even if synchronization is very important for me (i can run Chrome when I need it 😛 ). P.S. Sorry for any errors in spelling, I'm not good at English. 😉 Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]

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    Shortcuts for panels are set in Settings, Keyboard, View. I use Ctrl 1 - Ctrl 9 for panels as I do in Opera 12.17.

  • @Pesala:

    Shortcuts for panels are set in Settings, Keyboard, View. I use Ctrl 1 - Ctrl 9 for panels as I do in Opera 12.17.

    It turns out that I'm blind, thanks. 😃

  • onbeforeunload is not working. I just wasted a bunch of time trying to figure out why and it's Vivaldi.

    This event is actually pretty damn important. If you are working in a database webapp and you hit the back button or refresh button or click a link, you lose all unsaved changes without any warning whatsoever. This is bad.

    Please fix.

  • onbeforeunload event is still not being handled in latest 1.7 release. This is a serious problem which bars anyone from using Vivaldi for database applications. You simple can't let people close windows before processes are complete or you will corrupt the server's database.

    Serious guys.

  • @Tachyx It would be interesting to me to see this in action to get a better feel for it. Is there a readily-accessible site or two to test against?

  • This is something that really annoyns me as well. This should be of high priority!
    @rseiler You can test these by clicking on any of the "try it yourelf" -buttons here:

  • @mrmamen I see, thanks.

    Also not working in 1.8. How can this be? Isn't it something in Chromium as opposed to something that has to be added?

  • @mrmamen Yup, don't work. Send this to the bug tracker

  • Maybe it's not supported by choice, because it could hide malicious code?
    I've read that it's not supported in many browsers and it's preferred to put other code and workaround instead. Of course this could be explained from some insider better.

  • @iAN-CooG I suppose that's possible, but IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge all support it. I'm guessing it's some part of the complication of building a new UI. Not all parts of Chromium can necessarily bubble up to the surface.


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