Suggestion: Inserting notes in text-entry field

  • It's great to see the built-in notes reappearing in a browser. I was a heavy user of them in the Opera days. However, one crucial feature for my particular use-case was the ability to easily insert the text that was in the note into a text-entry field like the one in this forum. It was awesome for repeated input of text - web links, preformatted passages with markup, you name it. So please make it possible to do that via a right-click, insert from note type function. It should support a folder structure, also, obviously. Dragging and dropping from the notes sidebar would also be a good feature. You can do that now, but all you get is a text snippet that says "undefined (URL's from the bookmarks get added as URL's though). For me the genius about the built in notes was that you could actually easily get the content back out as well, so hope to see that make an appearance.

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    You have to drag and drop from the bottom Notes panel

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  • I don't wanna. :p

    Anyway, I would really like the right-click to insert function that was in Opera, it was genius. No need to go digging in the sidebar at all.

    Plus, I still want to be able to drag and drop straight from the notes list. It's only logical since you can do that with bookmarks.

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    I don't wanna. :p

    That's too bad, because I think you're going to be stuck with this work-around for a while yet. 😛

  • Well, I'm not switching to Vivaldi as my main browser anytime soon.

    But the ability to drag the entire note with a simple drag and drop would be valuable because you don't have to select the note, go down and select what you want and then drag and drop or cut and paste. Dragging the whole note from the top-left list would be much faster and easier and you wouldn't be at risk of missing something by not selecting the whole content.

    And as I said, right-clicking and selecting a note from the popup would be even faster and make notes that much more compelling. So hopefully these are points that can be dealt with eventually.


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