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  • It's quite annoying when trying to open link in new tab using right click of mouse, i mean i want to stay on the current tab before i want to check the recently new tab. Is there an option for this concern? I tried in the settings but didn't saw an option for this one.

  • Mouse Right click - Open in background tab
    Mouse Middle Click
    Mouse GestureDownUp

    Not possible (yet) to re-assign left click.

    I forgot Ctrl-Click :pinch:

  • When i tried in to use chrome using "open link in new tab" it works fine. The middle click works fine in this browser. thanks :woohoo:


    When i tried in to use chrome using "open link in new tab" it works fine. The middle click works fine in this browser. thanks :woohoo:

    Personal preferences 😉 For me, "open link in new tab" should open in foreground and NOT background.

    So I got used to using mouse gestures (native or extension). That way the same Gesture in each browser does what I want 😎

  • Just joined. In the last week, I've spent several hours getting to know Vivaldi 1.0. I'm an ordinary power user, not a programmer, but wanted to offer some thoughts on tab management. I'm posting my feedback on this thread – I hope it's not seen as thread jacking, but this thread is about tabs. The list below is observations/feature requests.<br /><br />1. Could Vivaldi duplicate the flexibility of Tab Mix Plus (a Firefox add-on) with regards to tab management? Most importantly, a function to do a search in the Search Bar and have the results open in a <strong>new</strong> tab, otherwise the tab you are on gets over-written if you forget to open a blank tab before doing your search – this happened when I was in the middle of a chat session and tried to 'multitask' by doing a search at the same time. But it would be good in general to have more choices to open links from bookmarks, from speed dials, and from within a web page in either the current tab or a new tab as the user wishes.<br />2. It would be good to have something like Firefox's native <CTRL + Tab Button> function to cycle through one's open tabs, either in display order or in the order in which they were opened. There is supposed to be a "Tab Cycler" but it is not evident to me what it looks like and if it is even there?<br />3. A more ambitious request would be for something like Firefox's "Tab Groups" functionality. At the least, a function to have a dropdown list of open tabs displayed from the Menu Bar or from a toolbar button would is essential for when a person has lots of tabs open at once (a good example of such functionality is the Firefox extension "OneTab").<br />4. Pop-up tabs need to open as pop-ups – the aforementioned chat session opened as a full tab, with nothing in options to change this as far as I could tell.


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