Not 100% Compatible With YouTubes' HTML5 Video Player

  • I really like the YouTube HTML5 video play, but Vivaldi is not 100% compatible with it. [attachment=339]ScreenShot2015-01-27at7.29.04PM.png[/attachment] Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Yes it is.

    Please take into account that most websites will not properly detect Vivaldi as a browser. Its running Chromium 40 under the hood so its impossible that its not compatible with HTML5 technologies. Ignore what the pages tells you, its because it can't detect some codecs.

    I watched Youtube videos today fine. At first it said it could not load the plugin but I reloaded the page and it worked after that.

    That page is complaining about some missing codecs support, this could be maybe not included with Vivaldi for licensing reasons, not sure, but HTML5 videos should work fine without them as well. The codec H.264 requires licensing. I remember Opera Chromium just recently added support for H.264 and its still missing for MSE & H.264

  • Opera didn't actually add support, but will use the OS codec if it has one.

  • The problem is that if it doesn't have those codecs it can't play HTML5 videos in HD only in 360p.

  • It could also be a problem related to licensing. Chromium does not include any H264 support as far as I know. The other solution is to use the operating system's own decoder. You can also use the GPU decoder which is probably a good idea. It would allow hardware acceleration on lower end devices.

  • Yes I concur it only plays in 360p and does not support 1080pHD, I just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel and I can't get HD to work. I'm using an Ubuntu based system with all the restricted codecs installed as well as the H264 codec and the video will play but not the quality I wish to have it at. I imagine that the dev's will have all this figured out with a final release, I am going to keep this on my system, because I think it has huge potential and would benefit a lot of people.

    All in all it's a cool browser and nice to see something different for a change, and that's not bloated like FF

  • However, Youtube is looking foward to switch to their own codec (VP9). Some channels use it (like LinusTechTips) and you can play up to 4k videos inside Vivaldi. VP9 videos are still quite laggy though.(i7-2600k@4.6ghz). I'm not sure the multithreading is enabled or coded so except big gains in performance over the year. Maybe even hardware decoding on Nvidia/Amd/Intel hardware.

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