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  • Hi everyone, after a few days of using Vivaldi (and one update), I noticed the ads has disappeared from the websites I visit. I consider web browsing with ad blocks a way of stealing, like sneaking to a concert without tickets; someone makes living by creating some content and you want to consume that content without paying for it. Anyway, I don't have the content blocker on, nor any extension installed, I have googled and read this forum for more than an hour and no one seems to have encountered the same issue, I even went through vivaldi://flags. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/CNBYMwF I'll be happy for any response that could help me to solve this. P.S.: Would be nice to let the user know what the maximum size of an attachment is when he gets the Error prompt.

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    Been using Vivaldi as my default browser for over fifteen months now, and have never seen or heard of a way to turn on persistent content blocking. You can turn it on for a single page (that being the page you are on at the time) with Page Actions on the Status Bar, but if you leave that page and come back again, (or close that tab and open the page in another - don't recall exactly) content blocking is no longer on.

  • I'm sorry, but I'm not sure you understand the issue. I don't want to block ads, but they are blocked by default, without me setting anything, and I am unable to turn the ads on.

  • I believe Ayespy did understand, but by expanding his answer may have confused you.

    Form his experience (and supported by mine) there is no default content blocking in Vivaldi. Nor are we aware of a setting which could cause this.
    If you don't have extensions installed, then I would suggest checking for firewall/antivirus/spyware settings which may be blocking things.

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    TbGbe is right. The overall import of my answer is that I can't see any way Vivaldi could be blocking your ads. I don't think it's the browser doing it. At least certainly not by design.


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