Target=_blank - I hate when links opening in new tabs without asking

  • Hello, if you go to there is menu on top and when you click it opens new tabs instead of just go there, I hate when someone decideding which tab is new tab or not, I want to have control on it. How can I do it? I remember I had extension in Firefox where all links removed _blank from them, it was really cool that time, right now this problem is here again, I hate people who do target=blank in menu, how to fix it?

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    A workaround is to right-click on a link to copy the link address, then use the shortcut for Paste and Go (Ctrl Shift V).

  • it's even worse!

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    You need to work on anger management. All that hate and anger is bad for your health.

    Web Designers have their reasons for opening links in a new tab. I do it myself on my site for one link in the navigation bar.

    I don't doubt that Vivaldi will give users a choice to "Reuse current tab" in due course as their stated mission aim is to emulate Opera 12.17, which has this option.

  • Okay, I'll work on my anger and Vivaldi makes option to in Preferences - Tab - "Prevent opening links in new tabs, when it's possible"


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