Vivaldi GPO Policy templates

  • For those who are interested in GPO templates. I have have changed the Google Chrome ADMX and adml files so it works nice with the Vivaldi Browser. Currently I only have the en-US and the nl adml language files. But de admx file is working nice. Now I can support Vivaldi on my clients netwoks with forcing some settings and Extensions. Please send me a PM if interested and I will share those files.

  • I had some PM's from users who where interested.
    Linked you will find the policies.

    They are actualy Chrome polices changed for use with Vivaldi.
    Included are the English (en-US) and the Dutch (nl) language files and of course the .admx file.

    If they are any issues please post them in this topic.


    Vivaldi Policies v1

  • Thanks a lot for this. I was wondering if this would be possible in Vivaldi.

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