Vivaldi's New Browser Search Function

  • Why Google as the default search in your new browser? How about Ixquick or Startpage? Is that at least an option? I never search directly with Google.

  • Never mind… got it. I can also make the font bigger now. Thanks Tristam.

  • Ah, you noticed that here is a pull-down menu with several search-engines, and provision to set your own options (one at a time, unfortunately [ search google, bing, wiki and show all refs ]. This pull-down is hidden in the search box Magnifying Glass (mousebutton 1 or left click) on the right.

  • Yes, thanks. Thanks again to Tristram as well. Vivaldi isn't as intuitive for me as I wish it was. I seldom encounter puzzles on more American software, but each time I encounter something that puzzles me, I eventually discover that the solution is simple and… how can I describe it... eloquent. Perhaps as I become more familiar with Vivaldi, my intuition will improve.

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