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  • Hi to all, I'm new to this forum and use Vivaldi for a few days. Till now I've found some useful functionalities that are missing (Opera user), for some of them there are topics. However I did not find any info about Content blocking feature as in Opera 12. Are there any plans to implement this feature again (blocking whole domain, or specific elements on page). To be honest combining content element blocking with Ad-block plugin did marvelous things. Opening the same sites with Vivaldi gives tons of ads. Regards, M.

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    You can use many extension in Vivaldi to get such blocking feature.

    Fine extensions are Adguard, Adblock, Adblock+.
    Please visit
    Select extensions in left pane
    and the Adblocker you like in search field
    Click Install

  • As you'll have noticed the total lack of inbuilt right click features is a er feature of Vivaldi and why its not going to become my default browser. The block content feature is so useful for cleaning up sites that are infested with space or resource hogging adverts, auto-playing videos, pictures, graphics, social media nonsense etc. C'mon Vivialdi get under the bonnet and get tweaking.

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    be sure, i knew this ol' Opa features well as i had Opera upto 12.x a long time.
    Yes, such feature is missing, it will come.
    But in meantime you have to help yourself with some UserJS oder Extensions.

    C'mon, be polite, and wait or try another browser if you have no time to wait.

  • I am aware that I can use extensions for many features, but the reason that i use Opera is because there were lots if build-in ones. Thanks for the last post, while there is a plan to implement such feature it worth waiting. Till then I can still use my old browser 🙂


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