Vivaldi Doesn't Play Nice with Multiple Desktops

  • Three possibly related issues: 1. When I press cmd+N to open a new window it opens it in the desktop where Vivaldi was last active. To open the first window on a desktop I have to create the new window in another one and drag it over. It should open on the current desktop. 2. When I click a link it opens in the last active Vivaldi window rather than the last active window on the current desktop. This is a bit more of an ask, but I would also like an option to open a new Vivaldi window in the current desktop when clicking a link and the current desktop has no window. 3. The 1Password chrome extension seems to be sticky with one of my windows (I think the oldest one), and when I click it it doesn't identify the site of the current tab

  • I'm experiencing the same issue with 1Password. It gets stuck to the first opened browser window and doesn't identify the active tab I'm on on the new window, but remains identifying the active tab of the opposite window. Also, I'm running Windows, so this is a cross platform issue.

  • I just realized that Wappalyzer, an extension that tells me what each website I go to is built on (I'm a web designer) is doing the same thing as 1Password. It shows the icon for the active tab in the first opened window instead of the tab in the new window.


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