Working Extensions for Vivaldi

  • Actually HTTPS Everywhere . I don't recommend it anymore. Albeit made by EFF - it's not open source. And the method it uses to force/redirect to https is by static lists… Which isn't that effective anymore...

    As there is a better way, extension: KB SSL ENFORCER
    It's tiny and lightweight, and uses new method to force https, it will aways force https if it's available.
    Where EFF's solution was based on static lists.

    Also, KB SSL ENFORCER is open source!

  • My list:

    • YoWindow (weather)
    • Atomic Chrome (Atom Editor integration)
    • scroblr ( scrobbler)
    • Emoji Cheatsheet for GitHub
    • RSS Feed Reader

  • The following are installed and working:

    Ublock Origin
    Disable HTML5 Autoplay

  • Finally! A Google Keep extension that allows you to send right-clicked selection to Keep! "Popup for Keep" is the better alternative to Google Chrome Keep which still doesn't work with either Vivaldi or Opera:

  • How about Privacy Badger?
    Just installed it to see if it works and it does.
    Might be a good alternative or complimentary extension to Ghostery?

  • @danielson
    Actually it is a good complimentary.
    Like the aforementioned "KB SSL ENFORCER" or its equivalent "Smart HTTPS" extension, "Privacy Badger" is a proactive real time guard & not depended to subscription list.

  • @Armarayo I can recommend using this;

  • @DonAndress said in Working Extensions for Vivaldi:

    So I'm trying to get Vivaldi working as Firefox and here is what I use on FF: uBlock, NoScript, Ghostery.

    We know that uBlock works.
    Do you have any experience with NoScript and Ghostery? Or any equal substitute?


    I'm sorry, but Ghostery is a Spyware.
    It's a scam.
    The software blocks the trackers, because it is a giant tracker.
    In reality, it blocks its competition, to track you, to be the only one to recover your information and resell it.

    I read the terms of use, licenses, contracts, I invite you to do the same.
    Ghostery's programming company is an advertising company.
    She is registered in the New York City Commercial Register as an advertising company.
    His first name was: the better advertising project.

    Secretary of State, Secretary of the Commonwealth:

    New York:
    Entity name: EVIDON, INC
    And read: Name History:

    • the better advertising project, inc
    • ADSafe

    Until 2016, she had as a customer surprising companies, including a religious organization, considered a sect in some countries in Europe : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Today, they share all their activities in several companies.
    This confuses users.
    Between Ghostery Inc (USA), Cliqz GmbH (Germany), Evidon Inc (USA).


  • My list: (updated on 23 Decmber 2017)

    • Auto refresh page
    • Imagus
    • ImTranslator
    • IP Domain Country Flag
    • Link Grabber
    • Pace4Chrome
    • ScriptJäger
    • Simple Speed Dial
    • uBlock Origin
    • ̶U̶s̶e̶r̶-̶A̶g̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶S̶w̶i̶t̶c̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶C̶h̶r̶o̶m̶e̶ (faulty, read here)
    • Vanilla Cookie Manager
    • Viewhance
    • Violentmonkey
    • WoT

    All works fine... Uh, and OpenNIC for DNS server 👍 😃

  • @alleluia
    WOW thanks for that..

  • Here is my current extension list:

    • LastPass
    • Adguard (have Adguard Pro so it's perfect)
    • Tampermonkey
    • Session Buddy
    • Fireshot Screenshot
    • Video Speed Controller
    • Windscribe (keep it usually disabled)
    • Reddit Enhancement Suite
    • Grammarly
    • Remote Torrent Adder
    • HTTPS Everywhere (Going to change this out based on the earlier
      suggestions-- looking into KB SSL ENFORCER and Privacy Badger)

  • Hi @fly-0 , can I ask you about HTTPS Everywhere? I read that you're going to replace it. What's the problem with that?


  • @marko-indaco As Armarayo stated earlier in the thread, the method HTTPS Everywhere uses isn't very effective. It uses static lists to force https.

  • Previously I had Disable HTML5 Autoplay, as mentioned above, but that's not supported anymore. However, AutoplayStopper does the same thing and better, and is currently supported.

    Current extensions (all working):

    Ublock Origin
    Cookie Autodelete
    Zoom Page WE

  • @zion Oh, thank you for pointing it, I was miss that post though it was the first one on the thread 😃 (and sorry for late reply...)

  • Lastpass became too bloated and I replaced it with Bitwarden which I love.
    Also, since the Lastpass company acquired Xmarks, they completely destroyed the best bookmark sync extension. I hate that company and everything they do.

  • i created an add-on called: stop-it i use it myself
    it's an adult content blocker, also block scams, hacks, ransomwares, Xcams, chats, etc
    The version in the chrome store is free based on donations 😃

  • Hello guys.

    I am author of extension named "Make YouTube great again" which can be found here.

    As Vivaldi is my default browser I can confirm that it works perfectly with Vivaldi.

  • @tautvydas said in Working Extensions for Vivaldi:

    Make YouTube great again

    looks like they pulled it down from the chrome webstore.

  • Bookmark Manager and Viewer 0.2.4
    ClearURLs 1.9.4
    Custom Stylesheet & Script 2.1.0
    Disable HTML5 Autoplay (Reloaded) 0.9
    Disconnect 5.19.3
    GetCRX 1.31
    LIve HTTP Headers 1.0.6
    Modify Headers for Google Chrome 2.0.7
    NoClickjack 2019_4_23_1
    Policy Control 0.1.1
    Quick Bookmark Cleaner 1.1
    Trace - Online Tracking Protection 2.4.2
    uBlock Origin 1.23.0
    User Agent Switcher 1.0.2
    Violentmonkey 2.12.2
    Web Developer Toolbar
    YouTube High Definition 67.0.0

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