Feature Request: Global Page Actions

  • Hi there, I've used Vivaldi for a few weeks now and like it more and more. Especially the "Page Actions" for obscurance is a nice idea which gives me a safe feeling about noone glimpse on my screens and see where I'm browsing on or looking at. Unfortunately the location of the page actions buttons is far from comfortable as I need to set the actions again for each page I open up. I believe te feature could have a more easier access or could be extended in several useful ways. It would be great if there was an default settings for the page actions which then are applied to every page ever opened. Another way to make the use of the page actions more accessible would be the possibility to relocate the "<>" button to different parts of the window (e.g. the panel bar on the left side). To have a few more thoughts on this, custom shortcuts to assign to a specific filter would be great, just like we can assign custom shortcuts to some of the "window", "view", "tab", "page" or "mail" functions. I'm not sure whether these are use cases only I'm facing so I'm interested in your opinion on this one. Best Regards Irmunsul


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