Improved tab stacking

  • Tab stacking together with tabs on side is one of the biggest MUST have feature on a browser, it's the reason I've stucked with FF for so long, there are a few plugins for FF wich work brilliantly. One of the main features of the tab staking is to have it as a TREE, so you can see tabs that are childre of other tabs. The main idea is that if you open a link into a new tab it should automatically be a chield of that tab, so you should end up with a nice tree view of your tab organization and ideally you can expand and collapse the groups, some of the addons allow you to automatica collapse the non focused groups for example. Tab grouping is something opera and I'm happy to see you have kept it in vivaldi, but to me it's incomplete and not very useful until we have the tree view of the tabs (which allow tabs to be move in/out of groups) and that links are automatically child of the parent when opened as new tab. Some of the FF extentions that do this for your referend are: "Tree Stryle Tab", "tabkit 2nd edition" and recently "tab tree" Great work so far, keep updating it and making it better. Kadu

  • I agree.

    For the time being (if it is easier to implement) a way/keyboard shortcut to open new tabs and links in the current tab stack would be helpful. As it is, the tab bar looks pretty cluttered after a bit of browsing and I need to move tabs into stacks every so often.


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