Open Tab Management Conservation vs History

  • I'm thinking the recent change I noticed where instead of opening a bookmark on an existing tab, a new tab is generated was on purpose to snip the history of existing tabs that got lengthy and unmanageable. My experience with Opera 12 lead me to believe there can be a large and growing history problem, where you would back up through the tab browser history if you needed to see something from previous days or weeks. Opera 12 finally would crash with the enormous pile of history it had to drag around from previous use. I also noticed some site URL's wouldn't allow backing out of the site. Hitting the left button would merely reload the URL you were stuck on. I discovered that holding down the left mouse button would reveal the history of pages you visited and that you could override stubborn URL's by highlighting previous pages. Unclicking the left button as you scrolled over the field. I then thought, wouldn't it be handy to flush out all that unneeded history right there. Maybe a right click to open up some pruning shears and weed out all that history. Thanks for the listen !


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