Vivaldi ignores active window tracking and steals focus from other applications

  • I run a multiple-monitor Windows 7 set up with [url=]active window tracking [/url]. This means that whatever window my mouse is on becomes active without clicking on it, and doesn't change it's depth (come to the front). Vivaldi (1.0.435.42) intermittently steals focus from other applications, to such an extent that it's currently unusable for me. Examples: - Vivaldi window on top of Vivaldi window. Move the mouse from the top/active window to cross over the underneath and that one will come to the front - Bring up Alt-Tab switcher on top of Vivaldi and it will occasionally steal focus and close the switcher window - move the mouse from monitor 1 to monitor 3 across Vivaldi on monitor 2 and despite the application on monitor 3 having focus Vivaldi will intermittently steal input. ie: scroll or text entry gets actioned by Vivaldi not the application currently with focus.

  • Vivaldi stealing focus is known and being looked at by developers.
    As usual, no time-scales except "When It's Ready"


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