Problem adding bookmarks

  • Hello: I am excited about this browser. Unfortunately, the thing I need most, easily adding bookmarks does not work. 1. Dragging does not work at all 2. Clicking on the bookmark icon in the address bar does not add the bookmark right away 3. Trying to add a bookmark to the open bookmark panel does nothing. After I restarted the browser I found some of the bookmarks, all over the place. Some in the folder where I intended to add them, some in the bookmarks toolbar. Is this the standard or am I doing something wrong. I am finding this browser faster and better than Opera but so far, Opera bookmarks leave Vivaldi in the dust. Thank you Martin

  • It's a new regression in the latest snapshot. If you search the blog for bookmarks you will find a few posts about it.

  • Thank you, I will check it out.


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