• Two bookmark features I would like to see please: 1. The ability to drag the URL from the address bar into any position (folder / subfolder) in the Bookmarks menu. 2. If the 'Add bookmark' icon in the address bar is clicked, and then the dropdown to select a folder is clicked, there is one long list of all folders / subfolders / sub-subfolders/etc. is displayed, from which it can be quite difficult to find the one wanted (I have about 145 folders/subfolders). I would prefer it if the list of options maintained the folder structure of the Bookmarks menu. if the above options are already available, and I have missed them, I'd be grateful for any tips.

  • Moderator

    These two problems are well-known and fixes will come.
    I hope the better display of the boormark folder tree in bookmark add popup will be done then.
    But i have no timeline yet.

    Please be patient and wait for a new Snapshot, Beta or next Final version.


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