Very excited about Vivaldi browser

  • I've been a power-user of browsers and going through numerous high-end browsers but always finding something lacking or what could be improved. I went from Opera Presto to Palemoon then back to Opera 15+ then over to PCXFireFox/LawlietFox then over to Maxthon Cloud and right now I am back on Opera 27/8. I daily look at the Maxthon and Opera websites and yesterday noticed a stable Opera 27 was available, luckily I read the comments and someone left information on Vivaldi browser. I immediately got goose pimples knowing the original Opera people were back on the browser scene. For the first time in a while I had real excitement over a browser. PCXFireFox now annihilates all the competition when it comes to Peacekeeper benchmarks but it has flaws like all Mozilla browser but its still a very top choice. Maxthon 4 has lost its way and development seems lacking whilst it is very slow on some webpages and especially poor at multiple tabbing. Seems Maxthon are spending more time on the almost useless MXnitro project. I've found that recently Opera have the best overall browsing experience as all its features are now working really well. Opera's speed-dial has always been the best and its new bookmarks look is excellent except you need to use bookmark extensions with it. Opera's speed is amazing there is no lagging when opening tabs its all very speedy and optimized well. So overall Opera is the best browser out of the many I've used. What Opera is lacking is a proper accelerated download manager. I think Vivaldi should utilize its past knowledge but also look into what Maxthon has being doing. Maxthon has a lot of customization ability. Vivaldi could do with a decent customization system similar to Maxthon and Palemoon browsers. I'm using Vivaldi at this moment but I will probably be back on Opera in a moment but I'm willing to see if Vivaldi can cope with some of the power browsing that I do. I've been known in the past to have 266 tabs open at one time and regularly have 80-120. Of late I've dropped it down and work in segments. I will see what I find and want altered and let this site know where I feel its flawed and missing things. Now from an extension point of view I will say what I've said to Maxthon about MXNitro. If you are worried about extensions hindering speed, performance etc then it would be good to keep the browser at one bare level and then Vivaldi only make extensions for its own browser and no one else. If this idea occurs then people can have a browser that is light and fast and then they can choose what Vivaldi add-ons they want. Vivaldi add-ons will make sure they work in perfect harmony with the browser unlike third-party extensions. Anyhow for now I will get on with my testing and then have some real thoughts. I definitely think the customization angle is a must and right now I am getting annoyed seeing the search engine box especially as I can just use my url bar to do the job, in Maxthon we can remove the search box. I do absolutely love the thick progress bar in the address bar it is so old skool Opera and much better than all these evil and useless Ouroboros dragons eating their own tails on almost all other browsers


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