Strange behaviour

  • I've been using Vivaldi for a few weeks now with no problem. But today it froze and upon re-start the last session tabs were lost. And on loading new pages, I find that while they are loading there is no ability to navigate most of them. I can't click on links and the scroll bar is inactive. This applies to all except the first 2-3 pages that were loaded on re-start. What is the recommended course of action? Re-install the application? I am running ver 1.0.435.42 32-bit under 64bit Windows 10.

  • Moderator

    Which extensions do you have installed?

  • I have no extensions installed.

  • Moderator

    Which Windows version? A insider version?
    May be a anti-virus program blocks/delay starting? may be a graphic card driver was updated?

    Please try with Latest Snapshot 1.1.443.3 from

  • No insider version. Just the latest production release. No anti-virus programs either. But I was able to delete the cache for a limited period of a few days and that solved the problem.


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