Install Property's for Windows Installations SCCM

  • Hello, i will install Vivaldi silent with SCCM and i found no information for install property's ? Have any information about install parameters for Vivaldi ? kind regard

  • I have a workaround for a silent installation via SCCM.

    I have test this workaround with vivaldi 1.0 & 1.1

    You must start (only start) the installer on your PC. The installer creates a folder in your temp folder under local AppData. The folder name is “CR_xxxxx.tmp”.



    In this folder, you can find 2 files (setup.exe & VIVALDI.PACKED.7Z). This 2 files, you can use it for your SCCM deployment. The silent install can you start without parameter over the “setup.exe”.


    By the Installation behaviour you must choose “Install for user”. When you choose “Install for system” the “setup.exe” starts for some time and close by itself without an installation.


    A Silent uninstall is not working with this workaround. When uninstalling a pop-up appears and requires confirmation.


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