Please fix the bug that opens JavaScript popup windows as new tabs

  • Since some versions I cannot open JavaScript popup windows by clicking on the tab. It only opens a new tab with the url for a new tab and and error message, that the file was not found. As a workaround I have to use the context menu and to choose "Open in new/background tab" Try it for yourself, goto [url=][/url] Then look for the blue link "Download beim Hersteller" in the right upper corner. Clicking on it leads to teh result I described above. Choosing to open the link in the context menu works properly. This is a little bit annoying, on every webpage I don't know I have to check, if the link is a JavaScript popup or a normal link that can be opened by the href-attribute of the link-tag. A cupole of days before reported as bug [b]VB-15465[/b]

  • Was an update error of my adblocker (Admuncher)

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