Improvement request for Vivaldi

  • Recently I became familiar with Vivaldi, but I feel some improvement required as follows; 1) 1 click operation for all URL selection and operation. As shown in the attached snapshot, we must do double clicks for the selection of url or opening the folders in the bookmark side pane! But the top level of this bookmark is shown as the same contents in the main menu (below the address bar). I can not understand why Vivaldi adopts the double click operation for selecting the bookmark sidebar. Sometimes I am confused as Vivaldi become no response! 2) We can close all the other tabs except current use, but it can be done by right clicking menu, but it is very troblesome, and so I propose to introduce operation buttons for "close all ohther tabs" Please send your comments for the item 1)! I would like to hear about the double click operation from developers and users!


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