Problem Report

  • PROBLEM REPORT Dear Vivaldi, I've tried all the betas and finally the new release 1.0xxxx. In every instance all began well, but eventually the browser began disappearing completely if it was open, or would not appear at all when launched so I uninstalled them. I thought you had it licked with 1.0 but apparently not. I've just lost the browser again. I was able to get it to launch when NOT connected to the internet, but when I did connect to the internet, the browser disappeared completely. Only my desktop was visible. The disappearance was instantaneous as though the internet connection forced it to close. When checking the task manager processes tab, Vivaldi was nowhere to be found. Now I'm stuck with Firefox which DOES continue to work even though I've never cared much for it AND Opera 12.xx which I love. That's why I'm a potential Vivaldi user. So I've decided to register and go through all that hassle to let you know about this issue. I hope you have some suggestions. Oh yes, the bad news. I'm running XP and yes, I plan to upgrade but haven't done it yet . . . CAN YOU HELP ME OUT?


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