No target Windows Titles

  • First of all, I love the browser and I understand its a release preview. But in case someone has not noticed it. There are no Windows Titles on the browser. The target Window is always called Vivaldi and not the actual title of the website or active tab you are on. This is very problematic with Windows softwares that use the window name to target things, triggers, autofill or functions in a website or the browser. I could name several ones but I will just name one, for example password managers which need to auto fill, one good case would be KeePass but actually any software would have the same issue as it cannot distinguish between websites. If I log into a website called - Login as the title page, with Vivaldi the target Windows does not show the website title as with other browsers. Its always just Vivaldi. Windows does not see each tab name, bust the container. This means auto fill logins or data will not work with the browser websites as they cannot be identified as the active tab. I remember when Opera first launched its Chromium edition they also had this problem which was later fixed. Please use for the Windows target title the actual active tab name.

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