Full Screen not working on Mac

    1. While in Full Screen mode using Vivaldi 1.0 on Mac (El Capitan), when I place mouse in the top toolbar, the Vivaldi toolbar drops down and covers tabs. Ive tried Preferences/Appearance/Use Native Windows... but that does not change this behavior. To be clear, I expect the Vivaldi toolbar (file, edit, view, tools, window, help) to drop down and simultaneously appear with the Vivaldi tabs bar when mouse is in that area so that the tabs are always visible (like Opera, FF, Chromium, etc). 2) Reducing video from Full Screen hides tabs. Ex. With Vivaldi in full screen on Mac, if is then select Full Screen in YouTube/Vimeo/etc, then click the Full Screen button again to shrink the video window, my tabs are not present. I must exit Full Screen mode in Vivaldi, then reapply Full Screen mode in Vivaldi. Does not happen in Chromium/Opera/Firefox. To be clear, I expect the Tabs bar to be present when exiting Full Screen video, to Full Screen browsing. Edit 8-11-2016 Issue 2 has now been resolved by Vivaldi version 1.3. Thanks Team Vivaldi! Please work on issue 1 above.

  • 1.0.435.42 () (64-bit)

    As a third to this, if you press escape to exit a full screen video, the browser also exits full screen. I would expect one press of escape to exit the video and then one more to exit full screen on the browser.

  • I wanted to "Second" the full screen window behavior (point #1) from the OP. It'd be a better experience if the tab/url bar dropped down with the mac menu appearance. Not a show-stopper, but it definitely makes a huge difference in the polished feel.

  • Thanks for your input xM4l4x and ericsondr! I sure hope Vivaldi can resolve this issue, because its just annoying considering every other browser on the market gets it right.

    I have submitted a ticket weeks ago, and also have written about this issue in 3 Snapshot blogs and also this Help Topic now with no response. Lets hope the Devs finally see this so we can help them understand that Mac users are not getting proper Full Screen mode in Mac.

    Unfortunately I cannot post the Bug code, because after I entered it the website didn't provide one. If you'd like to keep up, here are all 3 of my responses.




    Lets cross our fingers and hope Vivaldi Devs hear us!


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