New user : Some remarks

  • Hi All, it's with great pleasure that i discovered VIVALDI, i used as principal browser since few days and i'm nicely surprised. I understand that is the V1.0 , so not all worked well so for that i want to share some of my remarks: 1- Vivaldi don't show the server side generated PDF : when you try to open an server side generated pdf file Vivaldi give you the error page and can't show the generated file. 2- sevrer side javascript function don't work: It's apparently the same problem, when a JS function try call a result from a server Vivaldi crash systematically and give the error page. 3- can't open a popup pages : even you activate popup on content settings Vivaldi still bloc them. 4- it's not an issue but it can be an improvement: when you have a long process on server there is no visual items to inform user that process is in work like a Google Chrome progress circle on tab or something like that it can be problematic for no advised users.


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