4K Video Downloader (+ free license, if anyone want, but it's not needed to use the program)

  • Anyone heard about that program? If not, I think you will use it almost always for downloading videos :) I personally like the fact that except YouTube, we can download videos from, for example, Facebook or Vimeo and (probably, because I didn't try that) Instagram. The list is bigger than I wrote here, I think :P However, there's one thing that I'm not happy with. If I try to download a YouTube video, which is in 60 fps (or slightly less, but still has more than 30 fps), we can only download that 60 fps video and there's no option to download the same video in 30 fps. Would be nice, if they could do something with that :) https://www.4kdownload.com/products/product-videodownloader/?r=free_license For more info about free license, go [url=https://www.4kdownload.com/announcement/flk?source=c1-freelicensekey-r2]here[/url]. Ah, and this program can be SAFELY used WITHOUT bought license :) The license only extends some of the program's features and, of course, remove ads (which are not annoying, by the way ;))

  • hi, I tried your link but it can not open now, what's wrong? And several days ago, I downloaded a similar program that can download Utube video too, I wanna say your functions are really similar, so will you mind I compare you two? And I need some advice about operate the two

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