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  • Hello, I have noticed few bugs in Vivaldi: 1. Passwords - sometimes even when password is filled, form doesn't see it and I have to type one letter in password and delete it and only then it can understand password. 2. Chrome Market Extensions - when I just installing new extension, even simple one, they are not clickable, I have to quit browser and open it again. 3. Group simillar tabs to stack - doesn't work properly, it doesn't group by domain, it groups for something else which I don't understand at all. Can you do it group by main domain? P.S. No option in Vivaldi to report bug, only the way is to create account here.

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  • Thank you for link, finally someone will find it through this forum anyway.

    Another bug I just find out: I cannot make my tab list on right side wider than 260pixels.

  • Another bug:
    when I have opened Tab with some url opened, for example MyHOMEPage.COM and then when I retype new url in the same tab, and hit enter, it goes to old url and reloads page, without going to new url.

  • No ability to create new folder from Cmd+D menu (add to bookmarks)
    so I added it to just to Bookmarks folder and then I created New-Folder from Bookmarks sidebar, and it has name: New Folder, I selected it and typed: WishList and hit enter and it stays to NewFolder anyways. Please fix it.

  • Another bug of feature:
    When I have one tab open, such as and I click and type this address again, it should open currently opened tab instead of opening new one with the same address.

    Same situation with links which is already opened in background and I click on link again, it should just reload or open that tab instead of duplicating existing one.

  • Why when I click on LIKE icon on embeded vimeo videos intead of just Like It and save it to my likes, it's opening new tab with vimeo video and there I have to repeat it again and close the tab. It's actually regular html5 embed video, what is causing this bug?

  • I'm confused, on MAC touchpad, I usually just tapping two fingers to simulate RightClick and open menu, it works on webpages, but on the TABS bar I have to physically CLICK with two fingers and only then menu opens, it's kind of annoying to do that.
    Also swipe with two fingers doesn't work on touchpads.

    Also I have problem to send tabs on my Windows machine, I have to find some weird solutions such as sending emails to myself and go to webmail on my windows machine and click on links there…

  • This plugin for Firefox:
    such a nice plugin, everything is small compact and still very readable, I can collaps tabs, hide them, track history, only because of this plugin I cannot move to Vivaldi, I hope Vivaldi developers can do the same option for users! Its amazing addon!

  • When I download images, for some reason it shows me 0 bytes, but it's actually has downloaded fully.


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