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  • Something I just realised I'm really missing is visual and functional icons in tabs to do with pinning / unpinning. I used pinning a lot in Chrome to keep some tabs near the top of the list in TST, and found the little pin icon really useful. In TST, you could close a pinned tab, which doesn't appear possible other than through the context menu. So, for completeness, here's what I'd like to be available as icons in the tab bar: [ul] [li]Close[/li] [li]Pin / Unpin[/li] [li][Hibernate / Unhibernate/li] [/ul] I've put some thoughts about hibernation in another post, but in case it's not found, the TST behaviour for hibernation is really useful. On startup, previously 'active' tabs are loaded, and previously inactive are shown hibernated. Scrolling to switch tabs 'skips' hibernated tabs. Clicking on them actives / loads them. I'd love to see that flexibility in Vivaldi.

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    You can assign a shortcut to Pin/Unpin in settings. There's also an option to allow pinned tabs to be closed just like unpinned tabs.

  • I presume you mean a keyboard shortcut? I'm talking about some visual indicator which also has functionality. Using a shortcut means I have to activate that tab first, which I'm might not always want to do. Or did I misunderstand your message?

    Re closing pinned tabs, I have that setting set to 'Close as Other Tabs', but the close icon still doesn't show up. Is that the setting you meant?

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    Keyboard shortcuts are way quicker than menus, but yes, they can only work on the active tab. I am not sure that I would want to close a tab if all I can see is an icon.

    The close tab option does show up on the right-click menu for pinned tabs. You can close it if that setting is enabled.

  • I'm not asking you to close anything. But I'd like to. The "This is the right way to do it" attitude is what's driving me away from Google Chrome, and I'd hate to see Vivaldi head in the same direction. If they're genuine about being for power users, then surely they understand power users don't all work the same way, and have preferences, and most importantly like to customise their tools to work just the way they want.

    All the things I mentioned in my original post should be options, so that people who don't like the visual clutter of lots of indicators can turn them off. Personally, I find they very useful and would turn them on.

    And on the specific point of the option to close pinned tabs, if that is available via the menu, it should presumably also be available via the close icon in the tab bar? Otherwise that seems a little inconsistent.

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