How to protect Privacy Password section with password?

  • Hello, Its seems like critical security problem in Vivaldi web browser I tried many ways but i cannot protect privacy section or password section with main password, did i miss something or this is real privacy problem? Can I see saved password? I imported saved password from chrome to vivaldi but it seems like i cannot see my saved password Thanks for help

  • If you type "chrome://settings/passwords <enter>" in the address bar, you'll get a list in which you can show passwords (only one at a time, though).</enter>

  • 1. If by "main password" you mean a master password, I'm sorry to say that no such feature exists in vivaldi….yet..... 😉
    2. As for seeing/managing you passwords, type "chrome://settings/search#pass" into the address bar and press enter; then click on "manage passwords" to see your passwords.... 😉
    Hope that helped~ 🙂


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