VIVALDI isn't working anymore

  • Hello does anybody else having this problem? vivaldi stopped working i got a pop up saying vivaldi stopped working and has crashed i uninstalled and got latest version installed but still does not working i got nothing this time no pop up just click the shortcut but nothing happens not even running as admin when i click shortcut please somebody help Thanks in advance

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    May be Vivaldi crashed

    Please try:
    1. start Windows Explorer
    2. Enter```
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

    3\. Delete the Files
    Last Session
    Last Tabs
    Current Session
    Current Tabs
    4\. Start Vivaldi

  • thanks for your reply
    i did, deleted those files, tried to open but nothing happened 😞

  • Same problem here, except it appeared not after a crash, but a normal exit/restart.
    [0411/] range at 0x6d491f9200000000, size 0x61 fully unreadable
    [0411/] range at 0x6d491fb200000000, size 0x61 fully unreadable
    [0411/] range at 0x0, size 0x61 fully unreadable

    lesss has this too

  • Try this: copy paste this into windows file explorer and press enter: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data, rename the "default" folder in that directory to "backup default"; then launch vivaldi… (close all instances of vivladi before doing this BTW)
    A new "default" folder will be automatically created when you launch vivaldi....
    Then just delete the "backup default" folder.....
    Hope that helped~ 😉

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    OK, that the hard way:
    Uninstall Vivaldi
    Open Explorer "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi"
    go up one folder
    Rename Vivaldi to Vivalid_ORIG
    Install Vivaldi

    Does this work now?

    Do you have any security programs installed?

  • Did you try installing the standalone version? It may help…..
    Open installer->advanced->installation type->install standalone (if the option is unclickable, first change the destination folder to a different location) 😉
    Hope that helped~ 🙂

  • I had the same problem. Just delete Secure Preferences in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

  • I use X64 standalone version, cleaning user data or complete reinstall didn't help.
    But changing to X86 works! Even with the original user data.

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    The x64 Vivaldi should work.
    Perhaps you had a broken installation. But it may be dependend on which Windows version you have.

    Which Windows do you use?

  • win8.1 x64

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    Hmmm, in our tester team i did not hear any problem with 8.1.

    If you encounter problems with x64 a 32bit (x86) sometimes run better. Thats what i did in years before with Opera and now with Vivaldi.

  • yes, 32bit seems OK


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