Default tab opening options

  • Hi, One thing I love about Firefox is that when I open a link in new tab, it automatically does it as a background tab. I like that as default behaviour, because generally when I open a link in that way, I want to read the contents of that tab after I've finished reading whatever I'm currently reading. I also appreciate that not everyone uses web browsers like I do ... so .... Would it be possible to have an option of how to open a tab [i]by default[/i]? So I can change mine from 1. Open in a new tab 2. open in a new background tab ... to ... 1. Open in a new tab (background - main option) 2. open in a new tab and focus Or something similar

  • Or something similar

    Not possible to change default at the moment but you could use middle-click or Ctrl-click to open in background tab.
    Or use Mouse Gestures ( GestureDown, GestureUp ).

  • yes in safari the same thing, all tabs opening in background all the time, good for Macbooks, but here in Vivaldi this tabs always in front and then I have to look for the last tab, really inconvenient.
    Maybe you can add TreeStyleTab?


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