Web pages taking time to load, CTRL+ENTER not working on some sites

  • Hi I have noticed that while browsing many web pages take time longer than expected to load.I am not sure why?.I tried the same techniques with other browsers like Yandex,Palemoon,Cyberfox.Slimjet.In those browsers, the web pages load fast, but there seems to be a slight delay if you compare between the loading speed between browsers.I think it is a small issue and can be easily rectified.Please have a look into it. I am currently using the following extensions.So I am not sure whether any extensions are causing delay Adguard AdBlocker 2.2.4 Capture Webpage Screenshot Entirely. FireShot 0.98.85 Disconnect 5.18.23 Fair AdBlock (by STANDS) 1.125 HTTPS Everywhere 2016.4.4 Lightshot (screenshot tool) 6.1.5 Pure URL 1.0.4 uBlock Origin 1.6.8 uMatrix I have also noted that some of the websites don't load when we enter the website name and press CTRL + Enter. You can try out in the address bar mid-day and press CTRL + Enter.It will go to google search results instead of going to http://www.mid-day.com/ Please have a look into this too. Respectfully, Shine shinerk@inbox.com

  • Monday, April 11, 2016


    On Vivaldi.net email account, while composing a new message,If want to change the font settings permanently to a particular font (Arial) rather than selecting Tahoma, how do I use that?.

    While composing new message do I have to keep on changing the font or is there any alternative way.

    How do I know how much remaining mail space I have or the mail space used till now.?.I cannot see any indicator for this on the mail page. Please clarify on this.

    Also, when you are sending email to someone, does the email address and name of the person gets added automatically to the contact list or do we have to click the + icon to add it to the contact list. If that is the case, is there any alternative way in which the names and the email address are automatically added to the contact list.

    Thanks for your time.



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